Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Friends

Last Saturday I drove GG to Bushnell, FL, where she met up with a dear friend from our early years in Tampa (around 1955?).When Mom, George and I moved to Tampa from New Orleans, we lived in Mom's uncle's apartment house for several years (until we were asked to move out because of my mischief... but that is another story).

In the apartment next door to us was a family consisting of Vi and her two daughters, Sandy and Terri. (They were like family to us and Sandy was my best friend and a sister rolled into one.) Vi and Mom were such good friends and we all shared many good times and experiences. Vi was the best cook I knew growing up and was a beautiful person-- inside and out. She always welcomed us and I will always remember her lasagna, black beans, spaghetti, poise and sense of humor.

When we met up with Vi at her granddaughter's house, Mom broke down into tears of joy. I don't know when I have seen her more animated and happy. She and Vi talked for probably three hours straight. Vi told Mom she had been her best friend ever and Mom cried a couple of times. She said that seeing Vi was like seeing a sister to her.

Sandy and her daughter were there too and it made my day too. Seeing Sandy was amazing, as she looks so much like Vi did at Sandy's age. And, she cooks (brought a wonderful meal for us) and has the same poise and sense of humor as Vi. It was so good to see her. We will try to keep in touch now. Her daughter Kristi seems to be following along in their footsteps.

Our thanks to Kristi for hosting our getting together. Next time we hope George and Terri can join us.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vintage GG

Marion and Lyon admiring their poinsettias
in Metarie, LA (New Orleans). Early 1940's
Marion and Lyon married in Penn Yan, NY, in 1939.

Chilling out in the kitchen... love the refrigerator?
Mom was of the generation where cigarettes
were actually recommended to aid in digestion.

Obviously Mom always appreciated flowers.
And, red has always been her favorite color.

Little Leslie

Showing her muscle, Leslie
at 28 Ernestine Street, Orlando.

Leslie at 8 mos.

Curly-haired Grant

What a crew!
Grant, Rene, Melanie, GG, Leslie 
(with chickenpox)
Taken at Maquire Village when George
 was in law school at UF.
Cathy was in school too.
Grant and George in Gainesville, FL

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vintage Pictures

Patty Cakes has a solitary moment in the crib.
Could this be a time out? New Orleans, 1947

 George (PawPaw's) first birthday,
New Orleans, April 20, 1947.

Little Mommies

Here are two of the cutest little Mommies ever.
Melanie and Rene showed their love of babies
at a young age!